The Orchestra

The Orchestra was founded in 1997 by Victor Gorodinsky.

In 1996, with the generous help from CREECA, Victor was able to purchase a number of authentic Russian folk instruments, and rehearsals began in the fall of 1997.

* In 2017 the Orchestra celebrated its 20th Anniversary!

* In 2023 (one year late due to the Covid-19 pandemic) the Orchestra celebrated its 25th Anniversary!

Our current members:

* denotes an original member

BAYAN (button accordion) Open
ACCORDIONS Lou Berryman, Katrina Harms, Amy Wencel
PRIMA BALALAIKAS Ryan Almeida, Sue Carnell, Peter Eggleson, Emma Everitt, Anna Ogden-Nussbaum, David Pook, Olga Trubetskoy, Brady Wegner
SEKUNDA BALALAIKAS Jennifer Lattis, Sam Thompson
ALTO BALALAIKAS Lily Campbell, Brian Kilgour, Laura Schmidt
CONTRABASS BALALAIKAS Matt Appleby*, Thomas Harb, Yuriy Kolosovskiy
PRIMA DOMRAS Eva Bellinger, Stacy Clark, Dan Cobb*, Sam McGwin, Krista Ritger, Karen Tusack
ALTO DOMRAS Abby Kolosovskiy, Audra Koscik, Nicholas North, Kate Paape, Maya Reinfeldt, Vladimir Trubetskoy, Frank Zhang
BASS DOMRAS Alex Bajereanu, Max Cortright, David Grindrod*
FLUTE Anne Gath
OBOE Sarah Filer

See the list of the Orchestra former members