The Orchestra

The Orchestra was founded in 1997 by Victor Gorodinsky.

In 1996, with the generous help from CREECA, Victor was able to purchase a number of authentic Russian folk instruments, and rehearsals began in the fall of 1997.

In 2017 the Orchestra celebrated its 20th Anniversary!

Our current members:

* denotes an original member

BAYAN (button accordion) Don Becker*
ACCORDIONS Elie Gurarie, Katrina Harms, Amy Wencel
PRIMA BALALAIKAS Hannah Miller, Anna Ogden-Nussbaum, David Pook, Olga Trubetskoy
SEKUNDA BALALAIKAS Jules Arensdorf, Carly Sentieri
ALTO BALALAIKAS Brian Kilgour, Dennis Lynch, Laura Schmidt
CONTRABASS BALALAIKAS Ross Hirzel, Andy Powers, Krista Ritger
PRIMA DOMRAS Dan Cobb*, Mia Hanson, Kathy Mittelstadt, Claudia Torres, Dan Tremmel, Karen Tusack, Michael Zaslavsky
ALTO DOMRAS Viktorija Gjorgjevikj, Bryce Linden, Nicholas North, Maya Reinfeldt, Vladimir Trubetskoy, Ilya Vinogradov
BASS DOMRAS Max Cortright, David Grindrod*
FLUTE Anne Gath
OBOE Sarah Filer

See the list of the former members